How We Help

We provide clients with a total wealth-management approach, incorporating immediate financial needs into a life-long strategy. First Pacific Financial strives to help you acquire, preserve, and distribute your wealth in the most effective way.

Investment Management

Objectivity, Asset Allocation, and Discipline. We take these attributes seriously when managing your assets. First Pacific Financial strives to provide you with a disciplined money management approach. We select the best investments in order to build properly allocated portfolios to meet our clients’ objectives. We subscribe to a buy and hold philosophy and believe in broad diversification among many asset classes.

Big Bold Predictions in Financial Management

Income Planning

We employ a “Total return” approach to constructing an income stream for our retired clients. This approach takes into consideration the generation of interest income and dividends, and the possibility of capital gains. We follow this approach through various market cycles. We begin by examining your risk tolerance as it may apply to individual holdings and to your overall portfolio. We do a cash flow analysis to help determine future income needs.

Fear Greed Cycle in Financial Management

Estate Planning

Along with a team of Estate Planning Attorneys within our community, we help our clients determine the best and most efficient way to pass on their estate. Through our relationships with various independent trust companies we are able to provide your family with Corporate Trustee services. This service allows you to provide continuity of your investment strategies and values to the next generation. We also work closely with charities and charitable funds to provide you with the opportunity to support the causes that are important to you.

Weighing the Future in Financial Management

Tax Efficiency

Working alongside your Tax advisor, we strive to reduce your taxable income and capital gains, as well as protecting your estate from potential tax liabilities. This includes such strategies as tax loss harvesting and location optimization, which in the long run can save your investment portfolio from the drag on growth as a result of taxes.

Proceed with caution in financial planning

Risk Management

Managing risk is a priority with our financial planning process. We design strategies which are created to manage various aspects of portfolio risk. We can help you identify how much protection you need for loved ones in the event of infirmity or death.