Our Values

Values of Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Balance, and a Lifetime of Learning are the foundations of our company.


At First Pacific Financial, we are accountable for our actions. Fulfilling our commitments to clients and each other is an obligation that we take seriously.


We are considerate of differing opinions and promote a cooperative environment. An appreciation of differences and positive interactions build strong working relationships.


Every employee of First Pacific Financial is expected to act with a high degree of integrity. This expectation impacts how we treat each other, clients, vendors, and other professionals.

Lifetime of Learning

Education and training is a lifelong journey. Our firm sets a high standard for achievement and advancement in knowledge. First Pacific Financial supports and encourages professional designations, college level coursework, extensive outside reading, and attending seminars.


Just as a balanced portfolio weathers various investment climates, we advocate a life of balance for all employees. Hard work must be balanced with leisure and family time. This leads to more creativity and effectiveness in how we live and work.