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Retirement Planning : Social Security Optimization

Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Financial Focus, Retirement Planning, Social Security

Retirement age has finally come for many within the baby boom generation. Whether that be a young boomer retiring early at 58, a 62 year old retiring simply because she is finally eligible for Social Security, a 66 year old “hanging it up” because he is eligible for his work pension, or a 69 year old who is simply ready to call it quits. All of these retirees have a very important decision to make, and a decision that many are making without enough thought. That is: when to start Social Security benefits? Contrary to what many believe, retirement age and Social Security age should not always...

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Measuring the Value of a Financial Planner

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Financial Focus

In a study by Morningstar released last year, the value of “making smart financial planning decisions” was quantified. By diligently researching financial decisions on your own, or working alongside a qualified financial planner to perform this research and analysis, Morningstar was able to estimate the potential benefits to an investment portfolio both in terms of dollars and cents as well as level of satisfaction as it relates the particular financial needs of those saving for retirement. As alpha and beta already have a place in investment analysis, Morningstar coined the term “Gamma” for...

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