David J. Bodmer, CPA, CFP®, CEBS



503-248-9064 | david@fp-financial.com

 Education & Certifications:

Certified Financial Planner™

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

B.S. Accounting

Brigham Young University

David joined First Pacific Financial after over 35 years of providing financial advice in the Portland-metro area.  He co-founded Investment Management Consultants in 1994 where he helped countless individuals and organizations achieve financial independence and success.  In merging with First Pacific Financial, he brings expertise in accounting, tax, estate planning, employee benefits, and individual financial consulting. David has always sought a balance between work and play, and sees no good reason why he shouldn’t be able to do so for the next 35 years! And Play includes cycling and other outdoors activities, travel, reading and spending time enjoying his family time with his wife Alice, a daughter, three sons, and seven brilliant and beautiful grandchildren.

“On what principle is it, that when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us?”

– Thomas Macaulay

Recommend Reading:

The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

Albion’s Seed by David Hackett Fischer