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Jonathan Thomson

Financial Advisor,

As a career changer, Jonathan relies on his background as a teacher: he is in his third year as a financial planner after a career as a cellist and professor for over 15 years. He lived in Los Angeles for much of that time, earning his doctorate from UCLA and teaching at Azusa Pacific University. He was active performing and recording in Southern California, and traveled to perform throughout Europe, Asia, and Canada. While playing sports in his youth, he became fascinated with performance psychology– specifically how musicians, athletes, and businesspeople structure their lives to achieve excellence. To this end, he wrote his dissertation to explore how marathon training can inform better musical preparation and teaching methods.

Jonathan brings this same passion for being a mentor and coach into financial planning. By listening and asking important questions, he guides clients through their finances and helps them realize their best lives. When not basking in life at home with his wife and daughter, he enjoys running, hiking, playing tennis, and traveling.

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