May 16, 2016

Client Vault: Filing System at Your Fingertips

In a previous post, we discussed our financial planning and account aggregation software, Wealth Director. Another great feature of Wealth Director we would like to highlight is the Vault. What is the one problem that most people have with all the important documents they receive? Organization. The Vault solves the organization issue by allowing our clients to upload, store, and access any electronic file from a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. One of the best aspects of the Vault is the 1 terabyte (TB) of storage space for each client, which is more than most people could ever use.

Having the ability to pull up a document from the Vault at any time can be extremely convenient, whether you are looking for last year’s tax return while working with your CPA, or a Trust document while working with your estate planning attorney. How many times have you been somewhere and wished you had remembered to bring a certain document? If you had all of your documents uploaded to the Vault, you would never have to worry about that issue again, let alone have to deal with finding what you need in your scary “filing system.”

We think the best function of the Vault is the ability to quickly and securely send and receive documents to and from our clients using the Shared Documents folder. This streamlines the process of getting paperwork signed without the hassle of password protecting emails or sending things through the mail.

The Vault has privacy settings that allows clients to hide files that they want to keep private from their advisors (copies of wallet contents, medical records, and even family photos). We encourage our clients to use the Vault in whatever way works best for them. Below is an example of some of the folders that clients can utilize in getting organized.


The Vault is just another convenience that we give our clients access to as an added value to our comprehensive service. We also have a Vault Checklist that we provide to clients with documents that we think are important to keep in the Vault. Once you give the Vault a try, it will change the way you think about organization.