The Heart of Our Firm is Our Heart.

We believe that when values align with finances, you gain the ability to take charge of your life and invent a better world in which you want to live.

What do you value?

Whether you care about family, career, travel, security, or want to impact the world on a grander scale, we’re here to help you align your finances with your personal convictions. We are at our best when we live authentic lives, and we established First Pacific more than three decades ago to be a financial advisory firm that puts the needs and desires of our clients first.

Through our total wealth management approach, we help you integrate your short-term financial needs with your lifelong goals to create a cohesive financial life. Your money should allow you to focus on what you genuinely want to do; we’ll take care of the rest.

Your First Pacific Team

Diane Bell

Joanne Brouwer

Aaron Claridge, CFP®

Bailey Code

Adiah Cozby

Suzy Craddock

Becky Eckert, CFP®, ChFC

Todd Engblom-Stryker, MS, CFP®

Darren Farrell

Rafik D. Fouad, CFP®

Becki Garrow

Harrison Hinz, CFP®

Steve Holdsworth, MBA, CFP®, CLU®

Taryn McCauley

Todd Montalbo

Meredith Morse, CFP®

Jackie Kruger, IACCP®, AIF®

Ryan Oldroyd, CFP®, CPA/PFS

Elizabeth Perry

Danielle Phelps

Julie Schmidt

Jonathan Thomson, CFP®, CSRIC®

Brandon Treasure, CFA, CIPM

Lori Vaandering

Julienne Valois, CFP®

Isaac Walters

Trainor Warren

Chad White

Adam Wishard, CFP®

Committed to Creating a Positive Impact

There’s only one criteria we have for the investors we work with, and that’s to share our desire to lead a values-driven life.

Your needs and goals are unique, but that foundational desire to create positive change is what connects all of us. If you are looking for personal guidance to help you clarify your values, we can offer you financial guidance that connects your money with your true purpose.

Our Code of Conduct

We help you live by your values, and we run our firm committed to our own. Every team member at First Pacific follows a code of conduct that guides the way we treat clients, vendors, each other, and our communities.




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