Lori S. Vaandering Client Services Associate


Maya Angelou inspired Lori’s life motto, “Try to be the rainbow in someone’s cloud.”  I think our clients would agree that she is sunshine at the other end of the phone in our Client Service team.  She is creative in her approach to problem-solving, adept in seeing other’s points of view, and is honest with a high sense of integrity.  After graduating from Washington State University, Lori focused on raising her two sons.  In 2005, she went back to college and obtained a degree in Digital Design. You can see some of her work after you cross the I-5 bridge and turn onto 6th street in the form of a city mural welcoming you to Vancouver. A gypsy at heart, Lori loves to hit the road or jump on a plane taking her to new and fun places.  Just a word of caution: don’t challenge her to a game of pinball, you might lose your shirt!