Chad White Director of Technology


A transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Chad grew up in the Midwest and living there most of his life he developed a keen ability to dodge tornadoes, floods, heat waves and snowstorms.  Sadly very little of that transfers to his new home where he does everything he can to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the region with his wife and two dogs.  He is unparalleled in his love for animals of all types and can’t go five minutes without sharing photos of his fur babies.


His technical background includes a decade with the Department of Defense where he assisted the US military with a wide array of mechanical and technical jobs that eventually ended when he left to pursue his passion in web and application development.  Working as a project manager he was an ideal choice to take on the role of Director of Technology at First Pacific Financial and is constantly looking for ways to better the firm and our clients through secure practices and IT solutions.