Best cell phone for the buck

Sep 2, 2016

Cell Phones: Best Bang for Your Buck

Best cell phone for the buck

There are regular and smart phones… but which brings the smartest plan for your wallet?

Comparing cell phone plans can be difficult.  With hidden fees, alternative coverage areas, and differing data, text, and phone options, it can feel almost impossible to choose which plan is right for your family.  Like with many financial decisions, it helps to begin with the end in mind.  What will you use your phone for?  Money magazine evaluated different segments for individuals and families, including:

  • Light Users
  • Typical Users
  • Extreme Users
  • Fast Broad Coverage
  • Data Hungry Users

Find out the definition and winner of each category by clicking this link.  There’s even a tool which allows you to put in the number of users on your plan, the amount of data consumed by each person, how often you’d like a new phone and which device you use to come up with the best 5 options for you.  Enjoy!