May 28, 2013

In Other News…

Good news doesn’t sell. Bad news certainly does. It is a strange phenomenon that humans are generally optimistic and prefer the “good guy” over the “bad guy,” yet the news media is filled with bad news. TV news ratings are clearly superior when the news is negative, and it almost seems like a joke when the newscast finishes up the hour with an obligatory “heartwarming story of the day.”

At any rate, there are some hugely positive long-term trends out there that should be considered “good news.” Some trends do lead us to compelling long-term investment implications, while others are simply good for the human race.

The graph above and the others in the article below are labeled as “31 charts that will restore your faith in humanity.” We think the introduction from the author, Rob Wile, is very on point:

“Lately, it feels like the news has been dominated by tragedies: natural disasters, evil people, and sometimes just carelessness.

But it would be a mistake to become cynical.

We’ve put together 31 charts that we think will help restore your faith in humanity.”

Click here to see the rest: Charts That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity