David B

Aug 28, 2020

Join us in congratulating David Bodmer

First Pacific Financial is happy to announce David Bodmer’s retirement! To honor all that David has done for the financial industry, FPF, and each of us personally, Adam Wishard shares his congratulatory letter.


It is with great joy and admiration for us to announce David Bodmer is retiring. After helping so many clients plan for their retirement and next stage of life, he is accomplishing this goal for himself.

A little secret of the financial planning industry is that it is very difficult for financial advisors to actually retire. The nature of our business requires us to be mentally engaged in such a vast array of subject matters (financial issues, investment markets, tax laws, industry regulations, client specific situations, and the list seemingly doesn’t end). Most advisors also want to be there to guide each client into retirement. After all, we have planned for client’s retirement for decades so how do we retire before them? Because of these reasons, there often doesn’t come a point where advisors feel “ready” to retire.

My three main goals in working alongside David for the last four years were to:

  1. Give him the opportunity to “feel” like he was ready to retire and not allow the day-to-day heavy engagement of financial advising hold back his personal retirement goals.
  2. Learn a lot from David! I knew he would be a valuable resource so all of us were grateful for the opportunity to soak in his knowledge and experiences.
  3. Give David’s clients the confidence that they were in great hands.

I believe we accomplished each of these goals. While we will miss David’s calm leadership and dependable work, he deserves a huge CONGRATULATIONS. He accomplished retirement. David honestly shared with clients and colleagues how much he enjoyed working, even up until meetings we held together earlier this month! His temperament and pure enjoyment for his work is what I will personally take away from our time together. Working alongside David for the last four years has made me a significantly better advisor and colleague.

Please join me in congratulating David on his retirement!


Photo credit to David’s recent trip to Patagonia